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Flavors of Youth

57 95

Anime Anime includes 3 parts revolving around themes in everyday life: Hidamari no Choshoku - Theme: Eating\r\n The Shaoming young man is currently working in the beautiful city of Beijing, but he has never forgotten his...

The Accidental Detective 2: In Action

52 95

After suddenly settling a difficult case in the past, the duo disbanded the \ Sau khi bất ngờ giải quyết được vụ án khó nhằn trong quá khứ, bộ đôi phá án gồm “đệ tử” của Sherlock Holmes Kang Dae-man và thanh tra huyền th...

The War Records of Deification

58 95

The War of the Gods revolves around the long battle between Khuong Tu Nha, Dac Ky, Khuong Hoang and Cong Cong Bao.

Inference Notes

50 95

Because of the surgery to change the heart for the second life that Ha Tao, math genius was entangled in a fatal accident. In it, her father was accused of being the culprit. With supernatural intelligence, has Zao An ...

Alex Strangelove

48 95

Alex Struelovez (Daniel Doheny plays), a high school student with a good girlfriend Claire (Madeline Weinstein). Like many other boyfriends, he has the desire to lose his virginity before graduation. However, things ha...

Father of the Year

51 95

Two drunken friends argue over who their father will win when they fight and when one of them considers it serious, things get worse. The boy loses his job, his relationships are ruined, his future is destroyed, and the...

How It Ends

52 95

How It Ends revolves around the horror of turning many roads into hell when a young father is on his way home with his pregnant wife across the country.

Escape Plan 2: Hades

66 95

After the first part of 2013, which has received attention from audiences and professionals, part 2 of the Escape Plan continues to feature Ray Breslin's security expert. He was a master in the installation of security ...

The Midnight Man

60 95

Three children found the old game set called \ Ba đứa trẻ tìm thấy bộ trò chơi cũ có tên gọi “Người đàn ông lúc nửa đêm”. Chúng đã mắc phải sai lầm khi tò mò thực hiện nghi thức triệu hồi ác quỷ và phải trả giá đắt. 60 n...

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50 95

Urashima, an island away from the mainland. The people on the island have a very carefree life. But five years ago, three great families on the island suffered a series of misfortunes. People on the island cut off com...


55 95

'Mr. Sunshine' is set in the early 1900s, before the Japanese occupation of Korea (1910-1945). The film tells the story of a Korean man who was recruited into the United States military after joining a navy from Korea o...

ReBoot: The Guardian Code (Season 1)

47 95

Guardian Code 2018: Tells the adventures of four teenagers Austin, Tamra, Parker and Trey. Their lives have come a new direction when they discover that they are the next generation of Guardians - cyberspace cyber-heroe...

Elementary (Season 6)

49 95

The film tells the story of shrewdly clever cases of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes with his colleague, Dr. J.Watson. Context in the world's most modern city in New York, USA.

Castle Rock (Season 1)

50 95

Castle Castle is Hulu's new series, a completely new horror-based thriller based on characters from the famous Stephen King. The cast also creepy no less with clown Bill Skarsgård, Sissy Spacek (The Ring) and Jane Levy ...

Shooter (Season 3)

57 95

Bob Lee Swagger, a prominent sniper in the US Army, has been discharged for three years when Colonel Isaac Johnson arrived at his house and asked him to co-host the killer who planned to assassinate the president. Only ...

Wynonna Earp (Season 3)

45 95

The film tells the story of Wyatt Earp's granddaughter as she celebrates her 27th birthday by reluctantly returning to her hometown to fight evil forces and other creatures. With her unique abilities, and an army of ext...

Be Friend

54 95

On the street there is a shop that rents books without eyes, no sign, is a gathering of four loser: Zhang Liang, junior social black but not know the debt; Chau Hiep owner of the bookstore rent books, but do not eat, hu...

Beloved Enemy

54 95

The film revolves around the business and the relationship between Nguyen Duong - the family of Nguyen Thi and Co Thanh Bui - general director of Truc Nghien.

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Fights Break Sphere Season 2 (2018)

601 95

Part 2, Fights Break Sphere Season 2, 2018\r\n\r\n Part 2 of the film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Thien Tam Tho Dau. Qui Hung is a genius in the practice of the Tieu family, 11 years old broke through the...

Dragon Ball Super

8965 95

Dragon Ball Express, Dragon Ball Super 2015 Dragonball Movie Express after Majin Buu Goku defeating dangerous, peace had returned to Earth again. A few years later, Chi Chi wanted Goku to get a stable job, so Goku has...


805 95

Peanuts in the Han Dynasty, all kinds of beans are Huai Nam Vuong Luu used to form into human form, established the Bean. Dau Phuc believes that if you persevere in cultivation, beans can be first. However, the fandom ...

Ancien And The Magic Tablet

838 95

Prior to the Olympics in Tokyo, Kokone's father, a high school student, suddenly mysteriously disappeared. Possessed strange ability when sleeping, Kokone accidentally find the clues about his father in the dream. Dram...

Evil or Live

1796 95

In modern society, there is a strange disease that attacks both young men and women! Skepticism, alienation and even insults have pushed people into the world of technology and Internet services. Experts call this a 'n...

A Sister's All You Need

1485 95

Where my sister is here: The story of the everyday life of a siscon author, Itsuki Hashima with his perfect sister, Chihiro, and illustrator illustrator Nayuta Kani, best friend of he, Miyako Shirakawa and his crazy coll...

Tea Pets

898 95

The film is about the adventurous adventure of the toy guy A Road and the round robin Tzu Chi. The two of them accidentally met at the tea shop and decided to go out together to find the Hooker to answer their questions...

Space Squad: Uchuu Keiji Gavan vs. Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger (2017)

661 95

Space Invaders: Space Invaders Gavan VS Dekaranger Combat Teams, Space Squad: Uchuu Keiji Gavan Vs. Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger 2017\r\n\r\n Space Pilot Gavan VS Dekaranger Combat Task Force A special episode / crossover b...

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

843 95

Nuclear Fleet 2: War of the World: Surly Mouse and his friends have had a happy life in the basement of a chestnut shop. Everything went well with the food available. But Andie is worried about Surly's leisure life. S...

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26 95

A true story of Sarbjit Singh, a farmer living in Bhikiwind, Punjab, near the Indian-Pakistani border. After a drink drunk across the border. However, he was mistakenly identified as an Indian spy and was sentenced to ...

Deja Vu

63 95

Have you ever visited somewhere and felt very familiar? Or are you chatting with your friends and suddenly realize that you've heard these words, even though you're 100% sure you never had this conversation? If you hav...

The Leakers

91 95

The Leaker is a thrilling action genre set in Malaysia and Hong Kong. The film explores the epidemics caused by the spread of a deadly virus that affects all humanity and the harsh wars of the international scene agains...


82 95

Yurigokoro film from the mysterious novel of the same name by Mahokaru Numata. The story begins with the life of Ryosuke (Tori Matsuzaka), the only son of a single family of two. He has a beautiful fiancée, Chie (Nana ...